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Famous Hacking Scandals & High Profile Hackers

Edwin Huxley - Tuesday 28.07.15, 12:33pm

Here is an infographic for iRooms provider, Imprima, offering an insight into hacking worldwide – covering the cost to the global economy, highlighting famous hacking scandals and high-profile hackers.

Famous Hackers & Hacking Scandals

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Mobile developer launches new tools as business, healthcare and wearable tech takes off

Edwin Huxley - Friday 24.07.15, 12:56pm

The current upswing in mobile tech and the rise of mobile developers has seen Shinobi Controls, a UK-based software development brand, release a new toolkit to help developers build forms, charts and data-driven UI into their applications.

Shinobitoolkit has been launched by the company and offers a range of useful features for any developer to incorporate into their project. The kit offers UI tools and new features such as a dynamic calendar, alongside grids and gauges. If a developer needs a way to display data within an app, they’ll find what they need in the toolkit.

Shinobicharts is Shinobi Controls’ flagship product. The tool is used in finance, healthcare and business apps, and has recently been upgraded to offer a 2x faster framerate. It allows app developers to incorporate fast and responsive charts in their projects. The charts are hugely versatile and can be delivered as pie charts, graphs and more.

Shinobiforms is a new offering from Shinobi Controls. The tool enables developers to create interactive forms for all manner of uses. Log-in forms and questionnaires are easy to create and integrate, and the tool offers absolute control over the data, with options such as input masks and a validation mechanism that ensures fields are complete.

With two additional tools available to developers and its original offering quickened, the company looks set to continue its expansion and continue to deliver flexible tools for app developers across the globe.

Stuart Grey, COO at Shinobi Controls, is pleased about the launch of new tools,

“Building on our hugely successful native charts and tools for iOS and Android, the team have been working hard over the past 6 months to move up to a whole new level and provide products our customers have been asking for.”

iOS developers who have not heard of Shinobi could benefit from their UI and visualisation tools. There is a free trial of all of the tools available on their website. David Pinches, CMO at Shinobicontrols, wants people to put their tools to the test,

“We invite developers to come check us out and enjoy the clearer navigation and free trial of our product range.” Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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Get a glimpse of software developer life with Scott Logic

Edwin Huxley - Friday 24.07.15, 12:50pm

Scott Logic a UK-based software consultancy has launched a new website portal entitled ‘behind the code’, which gives insight into working in software development and also into Scott Logic itself. Prospective graduates and those interested in software consultancy as a career can read stories from every level of employee, from graduate developer to head of development.

John Wright, recruitment manager at the company, is excited to offer prospective future developers a glimpse at life inside a large software business.

“We’ve grown steadily over the past 10 years and as most companies often experience, the real people and their stories can be lost behind traditional corporate content used on company websites. The response we received from our staff was amazing and their stories clearly communicate what it’s really like to work at Scott Logic.”

Developer level

Stories come from the likes of Michael, a developer at Scott Logic’s Newcastle office. He talks through his daily activities and outlines a typical day, as well as offering tips to future developers. “Be passionate about technology and your work and be willing to learn!”

Michael also discusses tools and processes used by the company, such as Agile development methodology. His favourite thing about working at the company is facing complex problems and sharing ideas with fellow developers.

Top of the chain – Head of development

At the highest end of the chain, the head of development is a role to aspire to. Nic, who works in Scott Logic’s Bristol office, is responsible for an entire team of developers and his job has shifted towards managing people and planning, as well as technical coding. This means his duties are extremely varied, so he doesn’t have a typical day like other roles. Nic offers great advice for those just starting out in their software careers. He has one requirement he prizes in his team, “Passion. There is no substitute for authentic enthusiasm.”

Future goals

The portal comes as a way to keep the brand in touch with the public. Scott Logic is a rising business, so giving prospective employees insight into the company is a great step to help find the right people. The launch of the ‘Day in the life of’ portal comes as the brand plans to increase their workforce by 50% by the end of 2015. With offices in Edinburgh, Bristol, Newcastle upon Tyne and London, Scott Logic is set for a strong year and this feature aims to convey the true ‘personality’ of the business.

The story hub has been a success and the brand plans to launch new ones for different areas of the business away from software roles.

Check out what it’s like to work at Scott Logic as a software developer here. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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TSG appoint new Managing Director for the South

Derek Smalls - Friday 24.07.15, 12:46pm

Andy Hayward - Technology Services Group (TSG)

Andy Hayward - Technology Services Group (TSG)

National IT solutions specialists, Technology Services Group (TSG), has appointed Andy Hayward as its new Managing Director for the Southern Region.

Andy joins TSG having been Managing Director of Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner m-hance Ltd, formally Calyx Software, since 2009. He will hold overall responsibility for the region from Derbyshire and further south steering the business towards fulfilling TSG’s strategy with mid-market sized customers in the UK.

David Stonehouse, CEO at TSG explained the significance of such an appointment.

“Andy brings with him a wealth of technical and sales experience with Microsoft’s CRM and ERP products. He also has an impressive track record of managing complex mid-market strategies and business growth in the sectors we currently focus on which will be invaluable as we move the business forward”.

Andy Hayward said:

“Joining TSG represents a fantastic opportunity for me and I am confident I can build on our prominent position in the marketplace. I’ve seen many businesses in the industry claim that they can offer the complete end to end service. From what I’ve already seen at TSG I can see that our huge breadth in expertise and capability makes us one of a small number of companies that can actually deliver this.

“TSG offers an enviable array of products and has a great team of highly trained and talented experts behind each of them which is reflected in our impressive collection of industry accreditations. We have some amazing customers all over the UK but I think we are merely scratching the surface in terms of potential. I am extremely excited for the future that lies ahead.”

Further jobs have also been created in TSG’s southern regions with three account directors joining Andy’s team and a number of Business Development Manager positions being recruited for the London office.

Formed in 2003 TSG are a total IT support solutions provider headquartered in Newcastle with 400 employees based in 12 offices around the UK. They currently hold six Microsoft Gold Competencies awarded to Microsoft’s Partners with the proven skills and experience to set themselves apart from the competition. Less than 1% of Microsoft’s 650,000 worldwide partners are regarded highly enough to hold even one Gold Competency.

Technology Services Group (TSG) are a national IT Solutions company headquartered in Newcastle with 400 employees based in 12 offices around the UK. TSG are a total IT support solutions provider offering IT services, telecoms and IT security specific to individual business requirements. As a leading provider of CRM software, cloud computing and specialist services such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage Software, SharePoint and Pegasus business software TSG has the experience and skills to offer both business software and hardware IT services support. TSG is highly accredited having achieved the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 following a multi-site assessment across their 12 UK offices. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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Business Phone Remanufacturing – The Economical & Environmental Benefits

Derek Smalls - Friday 05.06.15, 16:39pm

Business Phone Remanufacturing – The Economical & Environmental Benefits

Business Phone Remanufacturing – The Economical & Environmental Benefits

You may be mistaken for thinking that remanufactured phones are simply second hand phones wiped clean and fitted with a replacement cord. However, reputable companies, such as Office Phone Shop, carry out extensive remanufacturing to offer their customers the opportunity to purchase high quality second hand products. They view this process as important, both from a sales point of view and in terms of recycling and reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.

What does the remanufacturing process involve?

  • First the phones are cleaned and tested to identify if there are any faults
  • Then they are taken apart and tested, with any repairs being carried out to the main circuit board
  • Casings, hand pieces, buttons, and DESI scripts are replaced
  • The phones are tested again
  • They are then boxed, as new and offered for sale with a one-year warranty

Businesses operating a well-maintained and regularly serviced PBX system can keep their organisation communicating for years. During the lifetime of this system, however, the desktop telephones may not fare so well.

Broken cords and hand pieces, cracked and chipped casings are all problems that the handsets can fall foul to. A piece of equipment such as the telephone, used extensively, is unlikely to outlive the PBX telephone system to which it complies.

Why buy a remanufactured phone instead of a new one?

Compatible telephones for older PBX systems may no longer be in production. Manufacturers upgrade models and release newer versions on an on-going basis. When they do this, it is usually to the detriment of an older version, which then becomes ‘end-of-life’ or ‘legacy’. This means that companies cannot purchase replacement telephones from the original manufacturers. In this case, it makes sense to source high quality remanufactured alternatives.

There is a cost implication to consider when buying new telephones, as well as deciding whether to replace one or all. If the phones needed are no longer in production, it shouldn’t automatically mean a whole system upgrade in order to incorporate new phones. Instead, it is economically viable to buy quality, remanufactured phones to use alongside an existing PBX.

A further consideration is the reduction of environmental waste. Waste electrical equipment is a huge issue. 15 million mobile phones are upgraded in the UK each year and it is estimated that more than half of them are still working. In the UK, we throw away 1.2 million tonnes of electronic waste every year. That’s enough to fill 150 thousand double decker buses (source:

The European WEEE Directive requires the collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment. This applies to a wide range of electronic and electrical products, including telecoms. Under the WEEE, you can no longer throw away your old and unwanted hardware. Producers and importers are responsible for financing the collection, treatment and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (Reference: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/EC, as amended by 2003/108/EC).

At Office Phone Shop, not only can you buy remanufactured phones, they will also help you to dispose of the old phones that you no longer require. Fulfill your obligation to reduce the environmental impact of your organisation, by recycling your electrical equipment and ensuring that less waste is added to landfill sites.

You will find a large range of remanufactured phones, accessories and parts, from popular manufacturers such as Siemens, Ericsson, Mitel, Avaya and Nortel on the Office Phone Shop website. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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